MAX WR (M) SDN BHD is a senior company, dedicated and persistent in health care and beauty skin care. We uphold the concept and idea of “recover one’s simplicity”, instilling and nurturing its true value. Good concepts for health care must be taught and exchanged through the right education and culture, so that more people can benefit from it. It also indirectly stabilizes the root of a business! The business purpose of MAX WR (M) SDN BHD is: work together to create and achieve win-win situation!

In line with the concept of “recover one’s simplicity”, we have developed a brand new business platform based on our self-developed, self-produced and self-distributed quality products and service system.

Work together: Work hand in hand. Fair, just and equitable business operation model with mutual benefits, allows us to gather the participation of the masses and the platform can develop steadily, establishing a sound and benign “self-sufficient” mechanism.

Co-creation: Only by reaching the consensus of the participants and gathering the wisdom of the broad masses, we are able to create the most optimized and most down to earth model. We uphold the most humane design and management, so that it can benefit the wider public.

Win-win situation: The system and institution construction project must realize a new type of operational mechanism that integrates “consumer, merchant, and platform”. Only in this way, the company can develop in a long-term basis, inspire unlimited vitality, truly realize its own brands and values, and undertake greater social responsibility.

The company implements mutual benefit mechanism where everyone makes their own contribution to the platform. The company will then assign rewards that the participants deserve through transparent mechanism. It is precisely this philosophy that is used by MAX WR (M) SDN BHD to interpret the concept of “mutual development, sharing the rights and obligations, and sharing the results together”. As a new model of business opportunity built by a cross-border e-commerce platform, we strive to create the most valuable health care and beauty skin care brand, in order to improve and even solve the frustrating results of injections and medications of the masses!

Heaven is kind and gives showers of rain to all creatures; earth is kind and grow plantation to all living; conduct oneself and do not deceive the world.”

This is how MAX WR (M) SDN BHD operates.

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