Edible Skin Care Product

All Natural Food, Not Drugs or Magic Potion
It is all natural food that provides human body Wit complete nutrition, minerals. and essential trace elements, it promotes and reactivates cell regeneration, enhances immune system, restores natural metabolism and circulatory functions, detox and boasts cells repair, resists radicals, and brings back healthy body!

BLACK GRAINS – Cleanse, Recuperate, Revitalise


Enriched with essential and important trace elements for human cells (including protein, amino acids, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins and more), contains complete nutrition in promoting effective detox, provides energy, improves blood circulation (maintaining healthy body temperature 36.5′ C), promotes health, and improves sleep quality.

Cleansing Detoxification

Enriched With 46 Types Of Antioxidants

One of the antioxidants “Anthocyanin” is 20 times higher than Vitamin C and 50 times higher than Vitamin E! It is known as, by far, the best natural anti-aging ingredient in removing toxin from our body. It removes intestinotixin, clears blood vessels, and eliminates free radicals. It effectively cleanses intestines, blood vessels and toxin, motivates metabolism, improves body pH level, bums body fat and regains perfect body shape!

Replenishing Vitamins

Contains Over 36 Minerals And Nucleic Acid

With 20 amino acids, 46 antioxidants. 1 3 trace elements, 4 times milk’s calcium, 3 times spinach’s iron, 2 times milk’s protein. 4 times carrot’s Vitamin A, and 7 times orange’s Vitamin C! Balance and complete nutrients, it promotes cell repair and improves immunity!

Maintain Internal Balance

Contains Multiple Natural Ingredients That Helps Metabolism

It maintains heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerve functions, as well as improves immunity. It also helps minimise the common three hypers, fatty liver, and uric acid, at the same time prevents tumour and cancer. For female users, it significantly improves ovarian functions, regulate hormones, and works well anti-aging and promotes healthier skin.